Welcome to The Scanlon Group

At the Scanlon Group, we believe that we are offering a valuable service to our community as our injury lawyers use their experience and knowledge to protect our clients’ rights and guide them through the legal process. Our attorneys help ordinary people throughout Northeast Ohio who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or have become injured due to product liability or medical malpractice. We support the families of victims of wrongful death. Our lawyers are also dedicated to resolving employment disputes, and we defend employees who encounter discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace.

Clients often come to us in times of pain, grief, and loss and we are here to help. We listen, we communicate, we advise, and we fight for them. If a client has been injured through the negligence of others, we are here to help resolve the situation and help people move on with their lives. We are proud to represent clients in Akron, Canton, Medina, and across Ohio.


Maura E. Scanlon – mscanlon@scangrp.com

John T. Scanlon – jscanlon@scangrp.com